Uno Kanda was born in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, on March 28, 1975, and moved to Jakarta, Indonesia at age 1. She spent the next 3 years there till 4 as a little child. When she reached 5, she started taking ballet lesson, which later led her to become award-winning young ballerina.
Spotted by model scouts, she made her modeling debut at age 14. In 1992, she appeared as one of the lead models on "Petit Seven" (the popular teen fashion magazine of that time), and immediately became a fashion icon among Japanese teenagers.
As her popularity demanded her not only in the fashion world, she made her TV debut on "All Night Fuji R" (Fuji TV) in April 1994. The following year, her promising performance on TV brought her prestigious "Golden Arrow Award - Best New Talent." Since then, she continues to appear on countless number of TV-drama, TV-shows, and movies, and feature in many commercials.
With her phenomenal body figure and exceptional fashion taste, combined with honest-driven-attitude, she firmly established her presence in Japanese media, receiving keen supports especially from female fans.
Most recently, she made an impressive career development; from fashion model to fashion design. Her recent credits include; chief designer for wedding-dress brand "Scena D'Uno" (KURAUDIA) and designer for pantyhose brand "Tuche, uno collection" (GUNZE) and sunglasses brand "UN-O" (EYETEC). In January, 2004, for the first time as a Japanese entertainer, Uno will make fashion designer debut at prestigious Paris Collection in Paris, France.

Special skill
Classic Ballet Dancing
1990 Tokyo Newspaper Ballet Competition, winner
1992 The Japan Ballet Competition for Young Dancers, 1st place
1992 Tokyo All Japan Ballet Competition, winner
Career Experiences
TV Drama
"Hojo Tokimune" (Taiga drama / NHK)
"Nurse no Oshigoto 3" (Fuji TV)
"Mamiana Tokyo" (NTV) - hosted the show as MC
and others
"Gohatto" (1999 SHOCHIKU)
Directed by Nagisa Oshima
2000 Cannes International Film Festival

"Nurse no Oshigoto, The Movie" (2002 / TOHO)
Directed by Kazuyuki Ryosawa

"Pocket Monster Guardian God in City of Water Ratias and Ratios" (2002 / TOHO)
Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama
"Alice in Wonderland" (1999 at Setagaya Public Theater)
Original story by Louis Carol
Script by Akio Miyazawa
Directed by Osamu Matsumoto
Played a lead actress
Nagano Paralympics Opening Ceremony (1998)
Played a lead dancer for the show called "HOPE"

Awarded for FEC Celebrity of The Year (2000)

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